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Palo Verde Chapter Activities

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22 November 2016 - Flag Commendation Certificate Awarded to Al Childs


Palo Verde Chapter held a morning breakfast meeting at the Cracker Barrel on Tuesday 22 November, where Al Childs was honored for showing patriotism by flying the American flag.  The flag certificate presentation was conducted by Chapter member Bill Baran.


29 October 2016 - Flag Commendation Certificate Awarded to Berge Ford


images/pvca-2016-10-29-01-s.jpg images/pvca-2016-10-29-02-s.jpg

Palo Verde President Jim Skaggs presents the Flag Commendation Certificate to Berge Ford for flying their huge American flag daily.
The SAR recognizes businesses for their show of patriotism for flying the flag.


26 October 2016 - Mesa Fire Safety Award



Chapter President Jim Skaggs presents the "Mesa Fire Safety Award" to Gail Coakley
with chapter member Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh looking on.


25 October 2016 - Flag Commendation Certificate presentation for Dan Yezierski, a retired Korean War Marine


images/pvca-2016-10-25-01-s.jpg images/pvca-2016-10-25-02-s.jpg images/pvca-2016-10-25-03-s.jpg images/pvca-2016-10-25-04-s.jpg


27 August 2016 - Pvt Jonathan Allen Grave Marking Ceremony, Madrid, New York


Member Bob Gilbert traveled to Northern New York to take part in a grave marking ceremony for his 4th Great Grandfather where he was joined by his brother Joseph Gilbert.   The ceremony took place at Dixon Cemetery outside the small village of Madrid, NY and was sponsored by the Thousand Islands Chapter of the SAR and the DAR.   Bob is a dual member of the Palo Verde Chapter and the Thousand Islands Chapter and his brother Joe is a Thousand Islands Chapter member.   Jonathan Allen was a member of the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont under Col. Ethan Allen which he joined in May 1775.   At the Battle of St.Johns in Canada, he was shot in the leg and his cousin Ethan was captured.   The unit was later converted to the Continental Line unit The Green Mountain Rangers.   He served as a private in the company command by Captain Bronson of the Regiment command by Colonel Warner in the N. Hampshire line (Vermont was part of New Hampshire at that time).   Jonathan took part in the Battles of St. Johns, Hubbardton, Bennington, Saratoga, and was discharged in the fall of 1777.   Jonathan moved with his family to the Lisbon area of St. Lawrence Co., NY by ox cart from Vermont by travelling North into Canada then along the St. Lawrence River; finally crossing into New York over the frozen river.   He lived as a farmer in the area for the remainder of his life. He died 17 March 1836 and is buried next to his wife Margaret Hoffcut Allen.


We had a good turnout with members of the Palo Verde & Thousand Islands Chapters of the SAR, and Shir-Kat-Si and Chamont de LeRay chapters of the DAR represented.   After the ceremony, we went to the Morley Volunteer Chicken BBQ in Morley, NY for lunch.


Photos by Victoria Kowalski.

Bob & Joe Gilbert standing by headstones of Jonathan and his wife Margaret.
L-R Marlene Watson, Joel Bixby, Jennifer Bixby, Joe Gilbert (in back), Robert Gilbert, Parks Honeywell, Bruce Coyne, Shirley Hartman, Dan Ames, Mary Coyle, Anne Davis, Craig Williamson, John Hough

Bob & Joe Gilbert paying their respects to their patriot ancestor Jonathan Allen.
Posting the Colors (L to R Bruce Coyne, TI Chapter, Bob Gilbert, Palo Verde & TI Chapters, Joe Gilbert TI Chapter)


1 July 2016 - Flag Event at US Airways Center

Flag with Phoenix Mercury

The Palo Verde Chapter of the SAR along with a few DAR Chapters in the central Phoenix area were invited by the Phoenix Suns to participate the the Flag Event held annually at the US Airways Center.  Above the flag is on display with a number of SAR and DAR volunteers and the Phoenix Mercury.  The arena scoreboard (below left) proudly displayed the SAR's participation.


Phoenix Suns SAR Folding the flag up

Right, the volunteers from the SAR and DAR are removing the flag from the floor of the arena.


22 April 2016 - Pollack Investments Flag Certificate Award


Palo Verde Chapter SAR is pleased to recognize Pollack Investments for proudly flying the US flag at their office.

Pactrick Cassidy, General Manager - Jim Skaggs, Palo Verde President


17 November 2015 - Matt Scott Awarded Palo Verde Chapter Medal of Distinguished Service


President Skaggs presents Matt Scott with the Palo Verde Chapter Medal of Distinguished Service.


11 November 2015 - Pebble Creek Community's Veteran's Day Celebration


The Palo Verde Chapter, as part of the AZSSAR, was invited to present the colors at the Pebble Creek Community's Veteran's Day celebration today, 11 Nov 2015.   We had a great group attend. Activities began with us presenting the colors followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.   Next came a great presentation by our own Matt Scott on the history of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.   The presentation included many rare or unique photos from his grandfather. Matt's presentation was followed by patriotic music and songs including God Bless America.   We closed the event by retrieving the colors to fief and drum music. Everyone had a great time, including probably a couple hundred spectators.   This group photo was taken afterward. Sound like fun? Why not become a member of the Color Guard and join us next time? — with Steve Miller, Bob Gilbert (Palo Verde), Allen Nash (Saguaro), Manual Rodriguez (Saguaro), Mike Tubbs (Winter resident from Illinois SAR), Tom Steinback (Prescott Chapter), Steve Monez (Prescott), Ed Steinback (Prescott), Jan Huber (Saguaro Chapter), Dr. Bill Hearter (Barry Goldwater Chapter), Chuck Howey (Phoenix Chapter), Matt Scott (Palo Verde), Art Cantrall (Palo Verde), Eddie Zuleger (Saguaro) and Bill Smith (Prescott).



7 November 2015 - Buckeye's Veteran's Day Parade


Members of the Palo Verde Chapter Color Guard participated as part of the AZSSAR Color Guard in Buckeye's Veteran's Day parade Saturday 7 Nov 2015.   We were awarded the Best in Class Patriotic Award!! — with Matt Scott (Palo Verde), Keith Hugus (Palo Verde), Chuck Howey (Phoenix Chapter), Dan Thompson (Phoenix Chapter), Dr. Bill Hearter (Barry Goldwater Chapter), Steve Miller (behind Bill with state flag), Mike Tubbs (Winter resident from Illinois SAR) and Bob Gilbert (Palo Verde).


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