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Palo Verde Chapter Constitution And Bylaws

Note: This page can be printed out or a copy of the Constitution & Bylaws is available in PDF format here.




SECTION 1.  This is the Constitution of the Palo Verde Chapter Arizona Society Sons of the American Revolution hereinafter referred to as the Chapter and AZSSAR respectively.  Chartered on February 22, 1969 by AZSSAR, it is organized in accordance with the Constitution of AZSSAR and of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, hereinafter referred to as NSSAR.  The NSSAR is a corporation created by Special Act of Congress of the United States June 9, 1906. 

SECTION 2.  The objects of the Palo Verde Chapter are those set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws of AZSSAR and of NSSAR, and those set forth in said Act of Congress.

SECTION 3.  If any provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter are in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of AZSSAR or the said Act of Congress or the Constitution and Bylaws of the NSSAR, then the provisions of AZSSAR and of the Act of Congress and the Constitution and Bylaws of the NSSAR shall prevail. 


SECTION 1.  Membership in the Chapter shall be confined to members in good standing, of AZSSAR and of NSSAR.  Any member of NSSAR shall be eligible for membership in the Chapter.  Procedures governing the admission of members and their subsequent removal from the rolls of the Chapter for any reason, shall be as set forth in the Bylaws of the Chapter. 

SECTION 2.  Membership may be Regular, Dual or Junior as set forth by NSSAR.


SECTION 1.  The officers of the Chapter shall be elected from among the members in good standing, and shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar-Genealogist, Historian, Chancellor, Chaplain, Sergeant At Arms, and Public Affairs Officer (PAO). 

SECTION 2.  The duties and powers of the officers shall be those appertaining to their respective office and those specific powers and duties more fully set forth in the Bylaws of the Chapter.  All officers shall hold office for a nominal period of 13 months, to begin with their installation in January, and continuing until the February after their successors are duly elected and installed in accordance with the Bylaws.

SECTION 3.  The Chapter shall also elect from the members in good standing one or more Chapter members to the AZSSAR Board of Managers as established in the AZSSAR Constitution and Bylaws. 


SECTION 1. There shall be a Board of Managers, hereinafter called the Board, composed of the elected officers of the Chapter and the immediate two (2) Past Presidents of the Chapter. 

SECTION 2.  The Board shall exercise control over the administrative and financial affairs of the Chapter, and shall perform those duties and exercise those powers more specifically set forth in the Bylaws. 


The meetings of the Chapter and of the Board shall be as set forth in the Bylaws. 


SECTION 1.  To amend this Constitution, the proposed amendment shall be presented to the Secretary in writing.  The Secretary shall then promptly present it to the Board for consideration and recommendation for its adoption or rejection.  Thereafter, at the next meeting of the Chapter, the President shall present it to the Chapter members for consideration together with the recommendation of the Board for its adoption or rejection.  At the following Chapter meeting the President shall again present the proposed amendment(s) with the Board recommendations for ballot. 

SECTION 2.  For adoption, the proposed amendment shall require a two-thirds vote of approval by those members in good standing who are present at the Chapter meeting. 

Part II - Bylaws


SECTION 1.  Every Officer of the Chapter in the performance of his official duties shall act at all times wholly within the scope and intent of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter, AZSSAR and NSSAR.  In addition to the general duties and powers that appertain to their respective offices, the officers enumerated under Article III of the Constitution of the Chapter shall have such duties and powers as hereinafter conferred or which may be delegated to them from time to time by the Board. 

SECTION 2.  All Officers are elected for a term of one calendar year.  The person elected to the office of President shall be limited to two terms in succession.  There are no term limits for other Officers.

SECTION 3.  The Chapter Officers shall be installed as the last order of business at the January meeting each year and shall hold their office until their successors are duly installed. 

SECTION 4.  Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President, subject to a majority vote of approval by the Board.  These appointments may be permanent or pro tem;

Permanent Appointees shall assume all responsibilities and serve the unexpired term off the officer replaced.

Pro Tem Appointments  may be made as necessary to fill temporary vacancies of officer positions or other special assignments when needed to expedite continued Chapter and or Board functions. Pro tem appointees shall have the duties and responsibilities of the position assigned for the period specified in the appointment, normally the return of the elected officer or completion of the task assigned, and voting and quorum status as specified in BYLAW XI Section 2.

SECTION 5.  The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Chapter and Board.   He shall exercise general supervision and control over the affairs of the Chapter and the Board.  He shall  prepare and distribute agendas for and preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board.  He shall appoint all committees.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.   He shall be a voting member of the AZSSAR Board of Managers during his term in office.  Upon-the completion of his term of office he shall remain as a full voting member of the Board for a period of two years.  Thereafter, he shall be an Honorary Advisor to the Board. 

SECTION 6.  The Vice-president shall perform all of the duties and exercise all of the powers of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President.  He shall succeed to the office of President in the event of a vacancy in that office.  He shall assist the President at all times and shall perform such duties as assigned to him by the President.  Additionally, he shall be responsible for the Chapter's Guest Speakers.  Guidelines for this duty will be contained in the Vice-president's Handbook, (see Bylaw I., Section 17). 

SECTION 7.  The Secretary, at the direction of the President, shall notify members of meetings of the Chapter and of the Board.  He shall keep a fair and accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Chapter and the Board.  He shall turn over such records to his successor when he shall for any reason leave office. When the Secretary is absent from a meeting, the president will appoint an 'Acting Secretary' to perform his duties for such meeting.  Under the direction of the President, the Secretary shall conduct the necessary correspondence of the Chapter and the Board.  All such correspondence shall be available to any member upon request.  He shall make such routine and special reports as may be required by AZSSAR. He shall keep current the card file of all members in good standing and shall turn over to the Registrar-Genealogist the membership cards of all former members.  In the absence of both the President and the Vice-president, he shall preside at Chapter meetings or he may request a past president to do so.  He shall maintain a file of five years of Minutes of the Chapter and the Board.   Minutes older than five years shall be turned over to the Historian.  Permanent records such as the Chapter Charter shall remain in his custody indefinitely. The Office of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one and the same officer. 

SECTION 8.  The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid into Chapter funds and shall deposit same in the depository of his choice subject to the approval of the President.  He shall make all required payments for the necessary and customary operating expenses of the Chapter and such other disbursements as authorized by the Chapter or Board. He shall keep a fair and accurate record of all funds and transactions of the Chapter.  He shall provide data for the individual membership cards maintained by the Secretary. He shall turn over such records to his successor when he shall, for any reason, leave office.  He shall maintain permanent files of the Treasurer's Reports, Audits and other financial records of the Chapter and Board for five years at the end of which he will turn them over to the Historian.  Permanent records such as the Chapter IRS identification number shall remain in his custody indefinitely. He may serve without bond, but shall have the privilege of being bonded at Chapter's expense if he so chooses. The duties of the Secretary and the Treasurer may be performed by one and the same officer.

SECTION 9.  The Registrar shall maintain a current and accurate file of all Chapter copies of Membership and Supplemental Applications.  The files shall show all pertinent information including NSSAR and AZSSAR Membership numbers, dates of admission, transfer (in), demit (out), resignation, reinstatement, death, expulsion and drop for nonpayment of dues; together with pertinent information concerning all applicants who are refused admission. He shall maintain a file of the membership cards of all former members which have been turned over to him by the Secretary. The duties of the Registrar and Genealogist may be performed by one and the same officer.

SECTION 10 The Genealogist shall counsel and advise all members and prospective members in matters relating to their lineages and the proper preparation of their application papers. He shall present, when he deems complete and correct, applications for membership to the Board for approval and further processing by the Secretary. Application funds accepted by the Genealogist, with or in connection with applications, will be in the form of checks made payable to Treasurer, Palo Verde Chapter, SAR. He shall maintain a central Chapter supply of blank forms of current edition for the processing of membership applications of all types. He shall advise the Secretary when the stock needs replenishment. He shall be proficient in the use of NSSAR application software and be able to assist applicants in its use. He shall be the final arbiter of who shall receive the credit for new members, either DAR finder credit and/or SAR first line sponsor. He shall maintain records supporting these decisions and notify the Awards Committee (Bylaw XIII.b) of awards earned. The duties of the Registrar and the Genealogist may be performed by one and the same officer.

SECTION 11.  The Chancellor shall be the parliamentarian of the Chapter. He shall make himself familiar with Roberts Rules of Order, which booklet shall be furnished him by the Chapter and which he will turn over to his successor upon leaving office.  He shall be prepared to advise the Chapter when questions of correct parliamentary procedure arise. He shall be responsible for a biannual review of the Constitution and Bylaws (Bylaw XIV - 2). 

SECTION 12.  The Chaplain shall pronounce the invocation and the benediction at all Chapter meetings and upon other appropriate occasions.  He shall perform such other religious functions as requested by the President as may seem appropriate. 

SECTION 13.  The Historian shall compile a written history of the Chapter from the beginning to the end of the term of his office.  The Historian shall maintain custody of all records and materials turned over to him by the Secretary and Treasurer for indefinite retention.  He may not dispose of these historical materials without express permission of the Board.  Upon completion of his term of office, he shall turn over to his successor all historical records and materials of the Chapter in his possession.

SECTION 14.  The Sergeant At Arms shall maintain order of the meeting place and execute commands when called upon to do so by the President.  He shall escort all persons to the lectern when requested to do so by the President. He shall be the custodian of the US and SAR Flags, SAR Emblem and associated meeting apparatus.  He shall transport same to and from meetings and shall insure proper positioning of all equipment. He is responsible for all Chapter owned goods, equipment, uniforms and accouterments.  He is the custodian of the keys to any storage facility and shall assist the Audit Committee in the annual equipment audit, but is NOT a member of said committee.

SECTION 15.  The Public Affairs Officer (PAO) shall assist the Palo Verde Chapter disseminate appropriate and helpful information concerning Palo Verde Chapter to the general public, other organizations governmental, state and national SAR organizations, prospective members and the media. The PAO shall be responsible for ensuring that photographs and written documentation are made of Palo Verde speakers, inductions, inaugurations, color guard participation, exhibits and other important Chapter events. The PAO shall keep appropriate records of the above so that they may be available to interested parties. 

SECTION 16.  The most recent two past Presidents, PP-1 and PP-2, shall remain as voting members of the Board.  Their terms shall be for one (1) year each.  While largely advisory positions, they are important sources of Corporate Memory. They may occupy any elected or appointed Board positions they wish, except for President and Vice President, during their terms.

SECTION 17.  Each Officer shall prepare and maintain a notebook for that office. The notebook shall contain those documents which show the elements of details necessary to properly execute the duties of the office. The notebook will be passed on to the successor for study and continued maintenance.


SECTION 1.  The Palo Verde Board shall be comprised of the above named officers and the two immediate past presidents who shall be voting members for two years and thereafter honorary advisors to the Board. The Chapter member(s) elected to the AZSSAR Board of Managers shall also be members of the Board.  

SECTION 2.  The Board shall meet monthly when called by the President except during June and July.  However, upon the written request of two-thirds of its members specifying the time and place, the Board may call itself into session Such written request shall be mailed to the Secretary and he will in turn send notice to all members of the Board.  Location and time of Board meetings shall be provided at Chapter meetings and all members invited to attend. 

SECTION 3.  The Board, in cooperation with the President, shall plan and oversee the operations and activities of the Chapter. Other duties and powers of the Board shall be as specifically set forth in various Sections of these Bylaws.

SECTION 4.  The Board shall make proper recommendations to AZSSAR that it discipline or expel any member who by conduct disloyal to the ideals or prejudicial to the interests of the NSSAR shows himself unworthy of membership.  Prior to such recommendation Board shall have given the accused due notice and an opportunity to be heard.

SECTION 5.  The Board for cause, including extended absences from Board and Chapter meetings and non fulfillment of duties as set forth in the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, and after a complete investigation by a committee of three members of the Board, appointed by the President and approved by the Board (except in the case of the President), may remove an officer from his duties and may appoint a member of the Chapter to complete his term of office. In the case of the President; the Board may call itself into session and under provisions of Section 2 of Bylaw 11, elect a Chairman Pro Tem , appoint a committee of three and then proceed as above. (See Robert’s Rules of Order, Discipline, Chapter 15.) 


SECTION 1.  Eligibility for membership in the Chapter shall be in accordance with Article II of the Constitution, and in accordance with appropriate provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of AZSSAR and NSSAR.  Applications for membership shall be processed by the Chapter through the AZSSAR to NSSAR.

SECTION 2.  All applicants for membership in the Chapter must be approved by the Board. Applications will not be submitted to the Board until lineage requirements are complete and satisfactory to the Genealogist. 

SECTION 3.  Removal from the membership rolls shall only be for non-payment of dues and/or other fees or assessments; by transfer from (demit), resignation, death, or for other good and sufficient reason as set forth in the Bylaws of AZSSAR and/or NSSAR.


SECTION 1.  The Chapter annual dues shall be established by the Board, not later than the regular August Board meeting.  The S/T of AZSSAR shall be notified of this decision.

SECTION 2.  Dues shall be payable as dictated by AZSSAR.  Dues notices will be sent out to all members by AZSSAR in early October.  Members whose dues have not been paid by December 31st will be dropped from the Chapter rolls.  Reinstatement procedures and fees then apply.

SECTION 3.  The Chapter Application Fee for new members shall be established in the same manner and at the same time as in Section 1, above.  The application fee shall include the chapter dues for the then current calendar year and a SAR Rosette for the new member.  This fee shall be added to the fees for new members imposed by AZSSAR and NSSAR. All are payable at the time the completed application is submitted.

SECTION 4.  The Chapter shall charge a fee, established by the Board, for processing Supplemental, Reinstatement, Dual, and transfer applications.

SECTION 5.  The Chapter shall collect such other fees as are required by AZSSAR and NSSAR.

SECTION 6.  The dues or membership fee of a member admitted by or reinstated by NSSAR shall be applied to the current calendar year.

SECTION 7.  Any member transferring from another AZSSAR Chapter or another State Society shall not be required to pay additional Chapter dues in the year in which the transfer is made.  Application for Dual Memberships and Transfers with transfer card, from  NSSAR and Children of the American Revolution shall be treated as transfers from another State Society.  Said member must be 'in good standing,' i.e., dues paid for current year.


SECTION 1.  A Nominating Committee, consisting of at least three members, and normally Chaired by the seated PP1, shall be appointed by the President by the regular September meeting of the Chapter. The Committee shall report at the regular October Chapter meeting a full slate of Chapter officers, including the Chapter member(s) to the AZSSAR Board of Managers.  Only those members in good standing whose consent to serve has been previously obtained may be listed.

SECTION 2.  Other nominations may also be made from the floor provided that such nominees are members in good standing and their consent to serve has been previously obtained.

SECTION 3.  The annual election of Chapter officers and AZSSAR Board of Managers member(s) shall be held at the regular November Chapter meeting.  A simple majority of those members in good standing, present at the meeting, shall elect. Any contested offices shall be voted on by secret ballot.

SECTION 4.  Palo Verde Chapter Board of Managers shall elect three official delegates and two alternates from its members in good standing for the purpose of voting in the annual elections of  AZSSAR and on amendments to the AZSSAR Constitution or Bylaws and/or to vote at any special all member meeting called for the stated purposes of elections and/or amendments. The Secretary will prepare appropriate credentials for each delegate to present to the Arizona Society meeting or Special Meeting for the purpose of voting in the annual elections of AZSSAR or Constitution or Bylaws amendments.


SECTION 1.  The Chapter shall meet regularly once each month at such time and place as shall be designated by resolution of the Board.   However, meetings during the months of June, July and August shall not be mandatory and may be omitted upon resolution of the Board.  Attendance at Board Meetings is an obligation for all Elected and Appointed Board members.

SECTION 2.  Special meetings of the Chapter may be called by the President, when needed, with the concurrence of the Board.

SECTION 3.  Notification of our members of time and place of our meetings will normally be made by mail or electronic communications.  Such notification may be by telephone on such occasions as may be deemed necessary by the Secretary or the Board.


The Order for Business for all meetings of the Chapter and the Board shall be as follows (the sequence of business may be altered or certain portions omitted as deemed appropriate by the President or Chairman):

  1. Call to order and determination of quorum by President
  2. Invocation by Chaplain (standing)
  3. Pledge of Allegiance to Flag of USA (standing)
  4. The Official Pledge of the SAR (SAR members only standing)
  5. Introduction of new members and guests
  6. Introduction of Speaker and/or Special Program as appropriate.
  7. Special report or remarks by President
  8. Officers reports
  9. Old or unfinished business
  10. Committee reports
  11. New business
  12. Election or Installation of officers, or Induction of new members, when required
  13. Benediction by Chaplain (standing)
  14. SAR Recessional (SAR stand)
  15. Adjournment by President


SECTION 1.  At any meeting of the Chapter, a quorum competent to transact business properly coming before it shall be 8.  In order to cast a vote on any matter coming before such meetings, a member must be in good standing; and he must be present in person to cast his vote. There shall be no voting by proxy.  A majority of the eligible votes cast shall determine all issues except as otherwise provided for by parliamentary procedures or by provisions of this Constitution and Bylaws.

SECTION 2.  At any meeting of the Board, six members shall constitute a quorum competent to transact all business coming before it.  A majority of those present shall be required to resolve any issue except as otherwise provided for herein or by parliamentary procedures.  In order to cast a vote on any matter properly coming before the Board, a member must be present in person at the meeting.  There shall be no voting by proxy.

SECTION 3. Under special or emergency conditions, as determined by the President, an Electronic Vote may be authorized. The procedures for such a vote are as follows:

  1. The entire Board shall be notified that an Electronic Vote has been authorized and what the START TIME and Response Windows are.
  2. It is incumbent upon the Board members to take special care to adhere to the procedures and time constraints necessary for the Electronic Vote.
  3. All Board members are obligated to acknowledge the initiation of the Electron Vote within the Response Window. Failure to do so by any member shall constitute his abstention from the procedures.
  4. If a Quorum responds, the Motion shall be transmitted to the Board with a request for a second, instructions regarding response time and how discussion will be handled. Each Board member will respond by "Reply All" including a statement to the effect that, I'm in.
  5. The President or his appointee, typically the S/T or the Chancellor, shall upon 100% of "Reply All" of I'm in, shall "Reply All" and entertain a second to the motion.  The first "Second" response is sufficient.
  6. The complete motion accompanied by a statement as to who and when the second was made shall be transmitted to those Board members who "are in" If the "are in" group does not constitute a quorum then there is no discussion or vote and the motion may be referred to at the next regularly scheduled meeting,  This transmission shall also include statements that Discussion is now open and at what time Discussion will close.
  7. At the time when Discussion is to close, a message will be sent to the participating Board members stating that, "The question is called and Discussion is over".  The Motion at issue will be transmitted to all participating members for their vote If a quorum does respond to the vote call and a majority abstains, the motion goes to the next scheduled meeting as old business.  A majority vote in either direction carries or defeats the motion.


All meetings of the Chapter, the Board or any Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order.  In case of conflict the Chapter Bylaws shall govern.


The Board shall approve the recipients of all awards to be presented in the name of the Chapter. This may take two forms; (a) the broad approval of Awards programs such as JROTC, Law Officers or Fire Protection Personnel and EMS Personnel nominated by their respective agencies at the Chapter's request or (b) medals to DAR members for finding new SAR Members and approval of nominations for other individual awards.  See also Bylaw XIII-b. Rules governing Awards shall be consistent with those in NSSAR Handbook Volume III.


SECTION 1.  The President, with the advice and consent of the Board of Managers, shall determine from time to time such other committees as may be necessary or desirable for the proper implementation of the activities of the Chapter and he may appoint the members and chairman thereof.

SECTION 2.  Chapter members appointed as committee or activity chairmen who are not elected members of the chapter Board of Management shall also be consider a voting member of the BOM concerning all aspects of issues concerning their respective areas of responsibility and be counted in the quorum necessary to address these issues.

SECTION 3.  Committee and activity chairmen include but are not limited to the Standing Committees list in BYLAW XIII.


SECTION 1.  The financial records of the Chapter shall be audited annually during January by a committee of not less than three Chapter members appointed by the President. The Treasurer will assist the Audit Committee, but is NOT a member.  If need be, the President may appoint audit committee member(s) from another AZSSAR chapter. The Committee will submit a written report of audit to the Chapter at the January or February meeting. The report shall be in two copies, the original to remain permanently with the Treasurer and the second copy in the Chapter Historian's custody.

SECTION 2.  A physical audit of the Chapter owned goods and equipment shall be conducted annually.   Committee, reporting procedures and audit shall follow the guidelines as laid out in Audit Section 1.


The President shall appoint the following Standing Committees: Audit, Awards, Budget, Nominating, Patriotic Education, and Color Guard.   Other Standing Committees may created at the discretion of the Board.  The duties of these committees shall be such as usually pertain to committees of that nature, except as provided by the following:

  1. Audit Committee: Shall be responsible for the Annual Financial and Inventory Audits and reporting thereof.  Audit Committee Members cannot serve more than three consecutive years.
  2. Awards Committee: Awards Committee: Shall provide oversight and direction as necessary for all Chapter level awards.
  3. Budget Committee: Shall collect the necessary information for the formation of an annual budget. It shall assist the S/T in the preparation of a budget and report quarterly on any unanticipated funding requirements and/or revenue deficiencies and recommend adjustments accordingly.
  4. Nominating Committee: Shall be newly formed every year, to be comprised as outlined in Bylaw V - 1. Member eligibility and availability to be determined as of 1 May.
  5. Patriotic Education Committee: Shall be responsible for the establishment, training, and operation of a staff of members that will speak to schools regarding the Revolutionary War.
  6. Color Guard Committee: Shall be responsible for the operation of a Color Guard.
  7. ROTC Awards Committee. Shall be responsible for oversight and operation of Chapter ROTC/JROTC awards program.


SECTION 1.  These Bylaws may be amended in a manner identical to that prescribed for amendments to the Constitution of the Chapter, as set forth in Article VI of said Constitution.

SECTION 2.  The Constitution and Bylaws shall be reviewed biannually during the month of September. This review is the responsibility of the Chancellor who may call on the other members of the Board for council and input.  Reporting procedures for suggested changes shall follow the guidelines as laid out in Bylaw XII - Audit, Section 1.   Any changes or amendments deemed necessary by the Board shall be implemented as per Article VI and Bylaw XIV.


AZSSAR - The official acronym for The Arizona Society SAR

DAR - The official acronym for The Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR finder credit - Credit given to members of the DAR for locating and assisting new SAR candidates whose applications are subsequently approved

first line sponsor - first endorser of SAR application

in good standing - dues for current year have been paid

NSSAR - The official acronym for The National Society Sons of the American Revolution

SAR - The official acronym for The Sons of the American Revolution

Revision History

CHAPTER BYLAWS, of Nov. 15, 1975 (assumed prior version(s) not extant).
Amended Oct. 15, 1977; Dec. 17, 1977; Apr. 19, 1980;
Sep. 20, 1980;
Nov. 09, 1985;
Nov. 21, 1987 (Formatted into Constitution and Bylaws);
Feb. 09, 1991 (Revised By-law V, Section 4);
Nov. 11, 2000 (general update);
Nov. 9, 2002 (Revised Constitution Part 1 & Bylaws Section 14);
Jan. 28, 2006 (Total review and revision of Constitution and Bylaws);
Sept.. 2008 Review and update of Constitution and Bylaws);
Sept. 2010 (Review and update of Constitution and Bylaws). and
Nov. 2012 (Review and update of Constitution and Bylaws)


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28 February 2015
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