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Color Guard


Are you looking for folks dressed in authentic American Revolutionary War Uniforms?

If you are associated with a Phoenix-area school and would like our Color Guard to come to your school for an event or attend a classroom discussion on the American Revolution:  Or If your organization is having an event to which you believe our Color Guard may be able to add some interest and color:
Email Matt Scott to see if we can assist you.


Click on any picture to enlarge it.  Also, Color Guard links are at at the bottom of the page.



1 July 2017 - SAR Leads the Annual Prescott Parade


We were honored this year to be leading the Annual Fourth of July Prescott Parade.  This is a National Parade thanks to Past State President George Lipphardt.  He marched with us on the Fourth July in 2015 and thought this was the most Patriotic town.  At that time, no parades west of the Mississippi were considered national parades. He took his message back to congress that year. Congress established Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and many others as National parades in our part of the country.


This year because of our lead many Color Guard Members joined the Prescott Color Guard from as far away as Tucson. What an honor to be out front and it should be as this event celebrates our Declaration of Independence.  Our ancestors were there to establish the founding of our country through the War for Independence.


Steve Monez
AZSAR President

Prescott Parade - Watch the video!


Barbara Collins & Sandy Lawford
Christopher Francis & Dan Thompson
Michael Holmes & Rick Collins

Rudy Byrd
Eagle Scouts Michael Morgan & Trevor Huber
Steve Miller

Gerry Lawford
Steve Miller
Bill Smith

L-R: Bill Smith, Christopher Francis, Dan Thompson, Michael Holmes, Dan Evans, Rick Collins
L-R: Matt Scott, Steve Monez, Wayne Hood, Steve Miller.
Front row, L-R: Matt Scott, Steve Monez, Wayne Hood, Steve Miller.
Second row: Gerry Lawford, Ed Lipphardt, Rudy Byrd.
Third row: Bill Smith, Christopher Francis, Dan Thompson, Michael Holmes, Dan Evans, Rick Collins.
Banner carriers, Eagle Scouts Michael Morgan & Trevor Huber.
Last Row: Camp Followers Sandy Lawford & Barbara Collins.


29 October 2016 - Lake Havasu London Bridge Days Parade


The Arizona Society Color Guard participated in the Lake Havasu London Bridge Days Parade, Saturday morning, October 29th, 2016.   Attending were: State President Steve Miller (Phoenix Chapter), State Vice President Steve Monez (Prescott Chapter), William Baran (Palo Verde Chapter), Dr Rudy Byrd and Al Niemeyer (both of the Tucson Chapter.)   Also attending but unable to march was Colorado River President Don Reighard.   Special thanks to Young Marines Nekalos Case and Jacob Jackson for carrying the Arizona Society's Banner.


Holding banner is Nekalos Case (left)
and Jacob Jackson (right). Color Guard
members (left to right): William Baran,
Steve Monez, Steve Miller, Al Niemeyer
and Dr. Rudy Byrd.
A warm, humid wait in the parade line
with Dr. Byrd giving a pep talk.
The AZ SAR Color Guard placed 2nd
in the London Bridge Days Parade!

Colorado River President Don Reighold
with musket.
Don Reighold readying the musket for firing.
Don Reighold fires!


18 April 2016 - Opening session of the Arizona State Senate


Color Guard before the Senate session began: (L-R) Matt Scott, Steve Monez, Steve Miller, Compatriot Andrew Sherwood (Palo Verde Chapter), Chuck Howey, Allen Nash, Bill Baron.
Opening the Senate Session with the Color Guard: (L-R) Jan Huber, Matt Scott, Steve Monez, Steve Miller, Chuck Howie, Allen Nash, Bill Baron.
After the session on the 2nd floor balcony: (L-R) Steve Miller, Bill Baron, Matt Scott, Chuck Howie, Jan Huber, Steve Monez, Allen Nash.


11 April 2015 - 50th Anniversary, Saguaro Chapter





4 April 2015 - Ahwatukee Parade





22 February 2015 - 123rd Annual George Washington's Birthday Rifle Match, Phoenix


../images/cg2015-02-22-1-s.jpg ../images/cg2015-02-22-2-s.jpg

123rd annual George Washington's Birthday Rifle match in Phoenix which included a six musket salute to our flag.




21 February 2015 - Parade, Sacaton


Honoring Ira Hayes and the 70th anniversary of the capture of Iwo Jima.



15 February 2015 - Arizona Color Guard at the AZSSAR Annual Meeting, Chandler





19 April 2014 - Guard marches in the Ahwatukee parade


../images/cg14ahwatukee1-s.jpg ../images/cg14ahwatukee3-s.jpg

The Color Guard marched in the Ahwatukee parade on Easter Saturday the 19th of April.   A friend of Keith Hugus grandson and his grandson are carrying the SAR banner in the left picture.  He bought them Paul Revere Costumes. The right picture from left to right:  Palo Verde Chapter VP Keith Hugus,  Jerry Davis, State Color Guard Commander Steve Miller, Prescott Chapter President Steve Monez, Washington Illinois Chapter member Mike Tubbs, and Prescott  Color Guard Captain Bill Smith.


From left to right:  Prescott Color Guard Captain Bill Smith, Jerry Davis, Lance Dickinson, Prescott Chapter President Steve Monez, & Mike Tubs from Washington Illinois.


15 June 2013 - 42nd Annual Rocky Mountain National CAR Regional Banquet, Phoenix



The AZSSAR Color Guard had the privilege of presenting the Colors for the 42nd Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Banquet of the National Society Children of the American Revolution (CAR.) The banquet was held at the Sky Harbor Hotel in Phoenix on June 15th, 2013. Representing the Color Guard were: Lance Dickinson, Chuck Howey, Jim Kimbrough, John Lyons, Al NIemeyer, John Niemeyer and Matt Scott. Other Arizona Society Members seen at the Banquet were Ed Karr, Jr. and Walter Seaton and his wife, Helen.


CAR National President Caitlin Collins (in blue) and CAR National VP Jennie Lavorn pose with members of the Color Guard.



Army Birthday Celebration

../images/cg13-armybday1-s.jpg ../images/cg13-armybday2-s.jpg

Members of the Arizona Color Guard participated in the 2013 Army Birthday Celebration.  On the right, front to rear are Dr. Rudy Byrd, George Lipphardt, Lance Dickinson, and Matt Scott.


9 February 2013 - Boston Scientific Convention, Phoenix


../images/cg13-boston-s.jpg 09 February 2013, the Arizona Society Color Guard Posted the Colors for the Boston Scientific Convention at the world famous, Arizona Biltmore Hotel.  The promoters had the event well choreographed with a dark room, stage, special lighting and sound, for our presentation.

Visible in the picture (from right to left) are: Dr. Dick Perry (closest to the camera); the young lady singing our National Anthem; Dr. Rudy Byrd (our State past President); holding the National Colors hidden to his right is Dr. Bill Hearter with his Pike; to his right is our borrowed drummer from the Presidio San Agustin Del Tucson, John Patla; and Bill Aurand, our fife player.  Those also participating but not included in the picture are: Gerry Lawford, Steve Miller and George Lipphardt.



27 February 2013 - Missing in America Project Memorial Ceremony, Phoenix


../images/cg13-missing1-s.jpg Three members of the Arizona SAR Color Guard were part of the Missing in America Project (MIAP) memorial ceremony held in Phoenix, on 27 Feb 2013. Two members, Compatriots Dr. Lou Newton and Stephen Miller, carried the cremains of veterans after a short ceremony at the Desert Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary through a flag line of honor to the awaiting hearse. A motorcade of motorcycles and vehicles proceeded to the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona. Another Color guard member, Compatriot John Lyons, participated in the cemetery honor line. Other SAR compatriots including Mike Jones, David Swanson, Bob Young, and Ed Karr were in attendance. This project locates the cremated remains of veterans still unclaimed in mortuaries around the country and insures that a proper military service and interment is provided. This event memorialized 27 veterans and two spouses. They were unclaimed for a period ranging from 58 to 35 years and their service ranged from World War I to the Korean War.

../images/cg13-missing2-s.jpg ../images/cg13-missing3-s.jpg
Upper right shows John Lyons, Stephen Miller and Dr. Lou Newton.

On the left is Dr. Lou Newton carrying veteran's cremains.

On the immediate right is Stephen Miller carrying veterans cremains.

All photos courtesy of Kathleen Laurier, DAR



February 2013 - Arizona Color Guard

 Left to right:  George Lipphardt, Bill Hearter (holding Pike), Matt Scott, Jan Huber, Dr. Rudy Byrd (holding National Flag), Bill Aurand (holding Betsy Ross Flag), Steve Miller (holding Arizona Flag), Al Niemeyer (holding SAR Flag), John Lyons, John Niemeyer and Christopher Francis.



2012 - Color Guard at the National Congress, Phoenix

This picture was taken of the entire group present for the 2012 Congress meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, 2012



6 November 2010 - Casa Grande Veterans Day Parade

The Color Guard Unit shown above won the prize as the "Best Marching Unit" in the parade.



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Click here for a list of some available sources for Color Guard uniforms.


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