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Tucson Chapter Color Guard

The Tucson Chapter now has an active and enthusiastic Color Guard, formed in late 2009 under the able leadership of Compatriot George Lipphardt.  We have already participated in a number of local, state and national SAR events, and in local and state civic events by invitation.  Two of our members represented the State in national color Guard activities in 2010:  the Pegasus Parade in

Are you looking for folks dressed in authentic American Revolutionary War Uniforms?
If you are associated with a Tucson-area school and would like our Color Guard to come to your school for an event, or to attend a classroom discussion on the American Revolution:
If your organization is having an event that you believe our Color Guard may be able to add some interest and color to, email Color Guard Commander Rick Collins or Color Guard Vice Commander Dr. Ruddell Byrd, III to see if we can assist you.

Louisville in April and the National Congress in Cleveland in June.

Videos of the Tucson Veterans Day Parade


Video of the 2013 Parade


Short video of the 2012 Parade

Compatriots, the long-awaited book, "Patriot Ancestor Stories" is now available for purchase.   See the cover and other information.  President John Lyons has put together a 110-page book with 39 ancestor stories of our chapter members. Email John and request a copy.  They are only $20.00.



Below are pictures of the Color Guard Group and some of our activities.
Click on any picture to enlarge it.



The Tucson Color Guard group, 19 January 2013:  From top left: Gerald Lawford, George Lipphardt (State Commander), John Niemeyer, Rick Collins, Jim Kimbrough (Chapter President), James Williamson and Al Niemeyer.  From bottom left:  Christopher Francis, William Aurand, John Lyons (Chapter Commander) and Abraham Byrd III (Vice Commander).


images/cg2011-05-30-1-s.jpg images/cg2011-05-30-2-s.jpg

Pictures of the Color Guard group 30 May 2011



1 May 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Couthouse, Tucson


George Lipphardt, Old Pueblo Chapter DAR member Susan Murphy, Gerry Lawford.
Al Niemeyer, Gerry Lawford, New Citizen, George Lipphardt.
Gerry Lawford, Al Niemeyer, New Citizen, George Lipphardt.


Gerry Lawford, Judge Rosemary Marquez, Jim Bly.
Judge Marquez sought ought the Color Guard to thank us.
Al Niemeyer, WWII P47 Thunderbolt Pilot Bob Mathews,
Jim Bly, Gerry Lawford.



17 April 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Couthouse, Tucson


Jim Bly, Al Niemeyer, New Citizen,
Gerry Lawford.
Large police family with New Citizen, Jim Bly, Gerry Lawford.



10 April 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Couthouse, Tucson


Gerry Lawford, New Citizen, Al Niemeyer.
Gerry Lawford, New Citizen & her sister, Al Niemeyer.



20 March 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Couthouse, Tucson


Al Niemeyer, Lance Dickinson, New Citizen & family,
Gerry Lawford.
Lance Dickinson, New Citizen & family, Gerry Lawford.



13 March 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Courthouse, Tucson


Gerry Lawford at the podium,speaking to the New Citizens.
Gerry Lawford, Lance Dickinson, Judge Brenda H. Whinery, & Al Niemeyer.
Jim Bly and Lance Dickinson present the colors at the Naturalization Ceremony.
Taking the oath.

Lance Dickinson, Al Niemeyer, New Citizen, Gerry Lawford, Jim Bly.
Three New Citizens from the same family with family members; Lance, Al, Gerry, Jim.


27 February 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Courthouse, Tucson


images/cg2015-02-27-s.jpg Ft Huachuca Army personnel, civilian with child, Al Niemeyer, Lance Dickinson & Gerry Lawford.



20 February 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Courthouse, Tucson


Color Guard joins new citizens and others in Salute to the flag.
James Bly, Bill Aurand, New Citizen, Jerry Lawford, Al NIemeyer.



23 January 2015 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Courthouse, Tucson


Color Guard and Judge Leslie Bowman join with the new citizens in the Salute to the flag.
George Lipphardt, Judge Leslie Bowman, Gerry Lawford,
Al Niemeyer.
George Lipphardt, New Citizen, Al Niemeyer, Gerry Lawford.
George Lipphardt, Gerry Lawford, New Citizen, Al Niemeyer.



20 April 2012 - Missing in America Project, Fort Huachuca


The Tucson Chapter Color Guard participated with military and veterans organizations in a solemn burial of cremated veteran's remains, known as the Missing in American Project (MIAP).

The Services presented the cremation urns for dedication and prayer to the platform.  Later, the urns were marched to the Columbarium where the Tucson Chapter Color Guard fired a salute before interment.  MIAP locates unclaimed cremated remains of veterans for proper military burial with full military honors.

Photo by Betsy Kimbrough



5 November 2011 - 5th Annual Casa Grande Veteran's Day Parade


cg2011-11-05-1-s.jpg cg2011-11-05-2-s.jpg

The Color Guard won "Best Marching Unit" in the parade and received the plaque on the right.
This is the second year in a row the Color Guard has won this award!



10 June 2011 - Naturalization Ceremony, United States Courthouse, Tucson


cg2011-06-10-2-s.jpg cg2011-06-10-1-s.jpg

The Tucson Chapter Color Guard participated in the Naturalization Ceremony at the United States Courthouse.  We Post the Colors to begin each ceremony, and then greet each new citizen afterwards as they leave the room. The court appreciates our participation, and we feel honored to be able to be a part of the ceremony.



Flag Day Ceremonies


Flag Day ceremony at SaddleBrooke Color Guard at SaddleBrooke The Tucson Chapter Color Guard participated in the annual Flag Day Ceremony at the SaddleBrooke Retirement Community, June 14, 2010.

The Chapter Color Guard was represented by Commander George Lipphardt and Mike Pavlich (who was wearing his Army Cavalry Uniform).

We were honored to be asked to be Flag Escorts for two of the many flags, that have been flown over our Country.

Pictures taken by Al Niemeyer and Lucy Pavlich.

Memorial Day Ceremony

Memorial Day, 2011 Memorial Day, 2011, firing muskets

The Tucson Chapter Color Guard again participated in the annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Evergreen Cemetery (Oracle Road & Ft. Lowell Road) which is organized each year by the American Legion Morgan McDermott Post 7.  Each year our Color Guard assists in beginning the program by Posting the Colors.  Later during the ceremony our Color Guard fires a musket salute, followed by “mourn arms” during the playing of Taps.

Memorial Day, 2011, Mourn Salute

We get a tremendous amount of patriotism to be able to help with this beautiful ceremony honoring our Veterans.

Participating this year are: Mike Pavlich (in his Army Calvary uniform), James Williamson, Al & John Niemeyer, George Lipphardt, and Dr. Rudy Byrd.

School Presentations

Color Guard with St. Ambrose 4th graders

Compatriots John Lyons, George Lipphardt, and Dr. Rudy Byrd (from left to right) talking to a class of 4th graders, at the St. Ambrose School in Tucson, on March 25, 2010.  Picture taken by Al Niemeyer.

Declaration of Independence Event

Color Guard with the Declaration of Independence
On February 21 and 22, 2010, a very rare copy of a Declaration of Independence Broadside was on display in Tucson, at the Arizona Historical Society.  This document was typeset on July 4-5, 1776 by printer John Dunlap, and is only one of 26 original first printings of the Declaration of Independence known to exist.

There is more to this story:  As of 1989, only 24 copies of the "Dunlap broadsides" were known to exist, until a flea market shopper bought a framed painting for only four dollars.  While inspecting a tear in the painting, the owner discovered this folded Dunlap broadside behind it.  This 25th copy of the Dunlap broadside was authenticated by Sotheby's and an independent expert.

In June 2000, the document was purchased by renowned television and film producer Norman Lear and a friend on Sotheby's online auction.  Of the 25 surviving copies of the Dunlap Broadside, 21 copies belong to universities, historical societies, public libraries and city halls.  The remaining four are in private hands, although promised to public collections.  The Lear's now own the document outright.

Attending this historic event were Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Gifford and Tucson Mayor Walkup.  Helping add some history and color to this event from SAR, were Compatriots Dr. Rudy Byrd, John Lyons and George Lipphardt

During the event, we all had ample opportunities to talk to the crowds of people (many were school children) about the significance of the document, the American Revolution, our uniforms and of course our muskets (everyone was interested in the muskets).


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